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New Music: @TinyMajorMama - What the Fuk You Gon Do?

Tiny was always my FAVORITE member of Xscape. LORDT. Her vocals were life ITSELF so when I saw that she released her FIRST solo single (WTF TOOK YOU SO DAMN LONG TAMEKA?!?) I literally dropped everything to go and listen to it and she didn't disappoint. I now know where real music has been: in Tiny's damn throat. Tiny can have every coin I make if she continues to make this beautiful ass music. She is singing through the hurt honey,  no Robin Thicke. YAAASSSSSSSSSS! Whoever hurt you, let them hurt you again if this is the product of your pain.

I'm feeling nostalgic for the 90s. Dawg. I need more of this. LIKE NOW. Tiny...I need an album, a mixtape, a youtube channel, a vlog (well no...), shit, I will take a podcast. Keep doing your thing!

Check out What The Fuk You Gon Do below....and buy it on iTunes, Google Play, and wherever else you LEGALLY buy your music. It's worth it!

Natasha Marie

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