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STOP THE PRESSES! @beyonce and @NICKIMINAJ collaboration?!? Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus!

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KING BEY and EMPRESS ONIKA...BITCH WHEEEEEETTTTT?!? The rumor mill has churned out the possibility of a collaboration between this dynamic duo on the ***Flawless (remix). Listen here dammit. I don't think God would be so cruel as to murder me at this ripe young age. But then again...God got a virgin pregnant by magic. He's clearly not playing by the rules. Le shrug.

It is also rumored that YONCE is going to sneeze on the beat and yep I'm sicker. I also neeeeeed ONIKA to sleigh me with her vocals, you hear me?!? I love her singing voice just as much as I love her rap verses. I don't even really understand what they're doing to my spirit right about now. My life is in complete and utter shambles. The shit ain't right. And if this track doesn't happen? Dawg...

So whatever powers that be that need to be consulted...God, THE Illuminati, Scientologists...IDGAF just get er done! There's ne'er been a duo that can top this shit right here. KING BEY said it best

Natasha Marie

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