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@ciara Leaves @1future In The Past...

It's official! My good sis Future and my nephew Ciara finally called it quits. I figured the cross dressing would eventually become too taxing but apparently Future took it upon herself to cheat on Ciara...and now she's gonna be a single mom. I knew she wasn't shit with a name like Future. Welp. Since she doesn't strike me as the brightest crayon in the box maybe she can get together with Fantasia and celebrate "Baby Mama's Day" because clearly according to Fandango Mother's Day just isn't enough.

Dawg...Ciara has got to have the shittiest luck with women. First Bow Wow, now FutureCiara, no matter how hurt you are please remain in your baby's life. No one likes a dead beat dad.

Natasha Marie

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