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Dear @beyonce, Only A King Debuts Everything On HBO. SLEIGH.

First, Beyonce gave us "Life Is But A Dream" and now we're getting "On The Run" the concert event on HBO. ALTHOUGH I would've preferred a film like that damn COMING NEVER ass trailer they dropped on us to promo this concert. Let me just tell y'all how that trailer pissed me TF off. Like I'm still mad. WHY WOULD THEY EVER PLAY WITH MY LIFE LIKE THAT?!? I played that trailer on a loop for like a month, wailing all the while. Anywho...Jayonce better be some gahtdamn trendsetters. Watch some obscure celebrity couple decides to go on a tour as well. Maybe Lil Him and Remy Ma can start dating and go on the "Never Would've Made It Through" tour, angry bitch edition. Hell...ex-cons gotta support each other too. And please don't tap dance in my mentions fans of Himberly. Do you really think I GAF?

Save the date! And check out the trailer below:

Natasha Marie

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