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Event Recap: Budweiser Made in America Festival 2014 in Philadelphia (Day 1) (Photos + Videos)

This year's Made in America Festival in Philly was epic as usual (August 30, 2014).  

Thousands of people were in downtown Philly for this year's Made in America Festival. Similar to last years event, there were multiple stages with artist performances. This year, instead of the Freedom Tent, DJ's had a full stage which was a great improvement. Other than that, the day went just as smooth as the years before.

Indie band OBGM's were first up for the day at the Skate Park stage. I wasn't sure if the crowd were fans of  the band, or if they were just vibing off their energy. Regardless, everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Highlights of the day/night included The Neighbourhood, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Cassidy, J. Cole, and of course Kanye West.
The Neighbourhood surprised me. Having only been together for 3 years, they sure know how to put on a good show. Great music helps too! One thing I noticed is that even though some of these artists may be relatively unknown, it's all still good music. A job well done to Jay-Z. My favorite song they performed would have to be their hit, "Sweater Weather." It's also important to note that they opened up their set with a "Free Meek Mill" shout out. Thank you for the support, Jesse!

Big Daddy Kane was next on the main stage. He took us on a soul train with classic hits such as, "Ain't No Half-Steppin'" and "Raw." His rap skills were still in tact as his rhymed quickly, but perfectly on time to the songs that made him a household name.

DJ Cassidy hit the Liberty Stage. This was surprising to be because DJ's can usually be found in the Freedom tent. He did an excellent job at getting the crowd hype. But I felt like he should have been a warm-act or something. I don't understand why he had to have an entire set since he wasn't actually performing. 

The timing of J. Cole's set couldn't have been more perfect. At 7:30PM, with a freshly set sun in the background, images of police brutality flashed on the screen with J. Cole's  "Be Free," a track he rush-released as a response to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo, playing. J. Cole gave a great performance as usual. My favorite part of the night was watching him rap "F*ck I'm doin' at parties with Hova and Steve Stoute," while Steve Stoute silently watches from the crowd. 
 His energy never died down and the crowd thanked him for that.

Last, but definitely not least was the night's headliner and closer, Kanye West. He started promptly at 10:37PM, just 7 minutes late. He started his set with "Black Skinhead." Kanye then started a set that was reminiscent of the Yeezus Tour. Seems like he didn't think too much of the festival to create a whole new set. Still, the crowd went crazy. 

He also, in true Kanye fashion, started a rant about....well I guess we'll get back to you about that. All we know is the crowd started to leave with fustration when they realized Kanye was talking more than performing. Time and a place, Kanye. Maybe he should consider making a YouTube channel for all these feelings? Anyway,  the crowd sang along with great force and excitement. Everyone was having a great time. He performed Blood on the Leaves 1.5 times. He saved the full track for his finale.

Overall, this year's Made in America was a great experience. Looking forward to Day 2's event!
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