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From Homeless To Heartless...a @JoeBudden Story

I'm not sure if you recall but iSocialite had an Exclusive interview with the gorgeous Kaylin Garcia, where she let slip that she and Joe Budden had been homeless [interview]. He, of course, denied it vehemently via twitter, berating Kaylin and calling her everything but a Child of God. Awesome treatment of a woman. That being said this next story doesn't seem so far fetched. Joe CLEARLY has anger management issues. According to TMZ, his current (well hopefully his ex) girlfriend is saying that he flew into a rage and beat thee entire living shit outta of her. I'm not saying that Joe has similarities to Chris Brown but...
Check out the photos below:

And of course my good Judy Joey had to get on twitter and show his high yellow ass. Telling some random chick to "suck his d*ck"? Real classy.

Joe would like us to believe that this chick is a cross between 'Fatal Attraction' and 'A Thin Line Between Love And Hate'. What do you think?

Natasha Marie

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