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New Music: @ArianaGrande Feat. @BigSean - "Best Mistake"

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Queen Ariana has dropped another single leading up to the release of "My Everything" entitled "Best Mistake". You all know I love Le Queen and I think her vocal chords are comprised of diamond encrusted golden rhinestones BUT this track put me to dammit sleep. This. Slow. Ass. Gahtdamn. Track. LORDT. This wasn't even a ballad it was a lullaby. Clearly amid the rumors that they're dating Ariana and Big Sean decided to tease us with a track that they were making love to #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusinessTho... *sips tea with Kermit*

Ariana take this damn track off your album. You didn't showcase your vocals at all. Like AT ALL. I'm disappointed. It lowkey reminded me of a Sade track and if you know me you know I have nothing but utter disdain for that woman's music. And who knows WTF Big Sean was babbling about...but keeping it all the way real it'll probably grow on me. Lol. All of Ari's music does. Which is why I write reviews after my first listen.

Listen to the track below: 

Welp. If you pre-ordered the album like a good little Arianator then you're stuck with this track so enjoy...

Natasha Marie

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