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New Music: @FREEREMYMA - They Don't Love You No More (remix)

Ok...ummm...I'm not quite sure how to address my most pressing concern so let me start with this. Welcome back to the folds of humankind and the freedom that is society, Remy. Now that we have the formalities out of the way. Ma'am. Perhaps you were unawares of the lingering prison dust that was coating your vocal cords but you were far too gruff for my taste. You truly sounded like a nigga. Khaled's hefty ass is wrong as shit for not taking you to Starbucks and getting you some of Oprah's tea. Starbucks is a coffee joint...not sure if they were around before you got hemmed up by them people. At any rate, Messiah Oprah's tea would have had you sprouting wings and you could have done no wrong. I will give you an A for effort and dedication. You stepped right off the Riker's Island bus and straight into the studio, valet service and all.

When y'all was on the TV, I was with the PDs/ I listened to your CD/ Damn, you really wanna be me/ Don't care if your name buzzing/ You know who the queen be...On some real shit though who is she throwing shade at? It can't POSSIBLY be Empress Onika because she's not even a Queen. She's surpassed that but...*sips tea*.

I'm here for Remy though...as soon as she broadens her horizons and clears the phlegm out of her throat. The remnants of prison do not bode well with my vision of "Pretty Remy" who used to slay my life. It's ok. I'm ready for the slayage that you will bring and the female MCs that will lie in the wake of your destruction. Namely Iggy lol because she gotta gooooooo.

Check out the remix below:

Natasha Marie

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