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New Music: @NICKIMINAJ - Anaconda

I heard "Anaconda" when it first leaked but out of respect for Le Empress I refrained from reviewing it until the official release date. Now that it's been dropped I can give my opinion. I loved it! "Baby Got Back" was the joint back in the day and I thought the modernized play off the track was creative. *steps on soap box* And her cover makes all the sense in the world. Now I hope all you complaining ass people just STFU. Nicki Minaj is NOT raising your kids. There's a thing called parenting. You should try it some time. It STARTS at home. I definitely grew up in the Lil Kim and Foxy era and none of their music persuaded me to go do anything crazy. Control your offspring people!!! *steps off soapbox* Anywho...lest we forget this video teaser of EMPRESS ONIKA twerking all up and through the jungle. LIKE WHYTF WOULD ONIKA EVERRRRRR PLAY WITH MY LIFE LIKE THAT?!? Off principal I love the song even more now. IT'S EVERYTHING THAT JESUS INTENDED IT TO BE. LORDT. I'm gonna buy the video on iTunes so I can take her everywhere with me. *wails* I'm casket fresh right about now and can't nobody tell me nuffin! Look at this gahtdamn teaser...

Well actually DON'T LOOK. Onika is BAE. I'm all like 

Check out the full song below and support bae because she fahn and whatnot:

Natasha Marie

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