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New Music: @therealjuicyj Feat. @NICKIMINAJ, @LilBibby_, and @youngthug - "Low"

Juicy J released a new track yesterday and Jesus took it upon himself to bless us with Le Empress Minaj's angelic bars created from the dust of fairies and the blood of unicorns. But in order to test my faith in Him Father God also included bars from Satan's henchmen because there's no way in HELL those voices and accompanying bars were real life. Ugh. I wouldn't listen to this track if you paid me to. Young Thug sounded like he was crying like a heaux and Juicy J sounded like a Freedom Rider fresh off the train from enslavement. Lil Bibby needs to just go ahead and release that "Lil" in the front of his name. He sounds like a grown ass man but he looks a good 12 with that s curl though. I was surprised it was him...chhh...I felt bamboozled.

Check out the track below:

Natasha Marie

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