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Once Again @MsLaurynHill Takes Us To School...

Photo courtesy of Rap Up

LAURYN. FUCKING. HILL. Ladies and gentlemen this woman is an ICON. Taxes aside, this woman is the greatest to ever do it. She ALWAYS has a message within her music so, of course, "Black Rage", is no different. She plays off of "My Favorite Things" sung and slain by Julie Andrews in my all time favorite movie 'The Sound of Music'. Yes. That's my favorite movie. Anyways...OMG. I'M IN LOVE. I don't think I could've asked for a better tribute to #Ferguson. I wish more artists had the courage to take a stand. I've always loved that about L Boogie. Yooo...these lyrics:

Black rage is founded on dreaming and draining/ Threatening your freedom/ To stop your complaining/ Poisoning your water/ While they say it's raining/ Then call you mad/ For complaining, complaining...

Dawg. If that doesn't speak to my very soul I don't know what can. God bless you Lauryn Hill. Please listen and share on all of your social media!!!

Natasha Marie

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