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OPEN LETTER: @yesLIVcan, Resident FAUXmenist

Dear Liv,

I understood the message you were "attempting" to send with your 'Sorry Mrs. Carter' video but I found it hard to believe that your intent behind it was nothing short of VINDICTIVE. As I delved deeper, as only a blogger can, into the shallow pool of your work, I noted that you have an unrequited vendetta against Nicki Minaj and you will as you so eloquently tweeted give a reality check to "whoever else does dumb shit like make songs with Nicki Minaj". If you were truly a feminist and concerned with the plight of our impressionable youth then why are you, yourself, being a terrible example of their most important asset: being a Black woman? You may not use overly sexualized lyrics and images but why are you attacking successful Black women instead of commending them for being in control of their own sexuality rather than letting men continue to run rampant with their misogynistic abuse of us through lyrics, videos, photographs, etc.? You called Lil Kim the "Queen" and if she wasn't the epitome of selling sex I don't know WHO is! Which lead me to the conclusion that you have purely malicious intent and a vendetta against Nicki Minaj, and Nicki Minaj alone.

You insist that Nicki Minaj "sold out" and fucked her way to the top but how do YOU know that? In this day and age, how many men lie on their dicks? And if by some dubious chance she DID why can't she? That's her prerogative. You don't have to agree with it nor do you have to personally participate in it. Do you know how many women (and men I might add) have sat on the "casting couch" to make it in the entertainment industry? Nicki Minaj is actually a woman who DOESN'T have that sort of stigma attached to her yet you are hellbent on bringing another Black woman down and all for what? She made it and you haven't? Before you ask no, I'm not a Barb. I'm just a Black woman who doesn't agree with you using another Black woman as a foothold for your success. Congrats on finally going viral but you want to teach our youth something? Don't teach them that it's acceptable to have a crab's mentality and lash out publicly and disrespectfully against other women. But beef sells, right? Get off your high horse. You don't care about the young women of today. If you did, you wouldn't be so ridiculously petty on both your twitter and in these low res videos.

Entertainers today are not meant to serve as role models for the youth. We just WANT them to. They are placed on a pedestal and they shouldn't be. Parenting starts at home not through the television and radio. I grew up in the Lil Kim and Foxy era and as much as I bumped their music it didn't turn me into a whore or a stripper. I went to college because MY MOTHER instilled the value of education in me. I didn't wear skanky clothes because MY MOTHER taught me the value of self respect. MY MOTHER raised me; not entertainers. Nicki Minaj isn't the first artist nor will she be the last to use a gimmick to get a following. She used a gimmick to garner success and grow her fan base and now she's being herself. Do you really believe that she saw your youtube video and stopped wearing wigs?!? 

GWORL. Don't be delusional. Why don't you concentrate on perfecting your craft? Work on bars that aren't remixes to other songs and disses to other women. Try not to use the n-word so much. Ask these women you're dissing to give you some advice so that perhaps one day you can share in even an nth of their success. You want to empower women? Don't be a FAUXmenist. I see through your facade. It's disheartening and embarrassing that you would use the small platform that you have in an attempt to manipulate the impressionable minds of our wayward youth.

Don't continue this cycle:

Yours Truly,

Natasha Marie

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