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Now you all know I was up in ARMS about Remy Ma supposedly making that diss track about Onika. I was ready to read her ass for filth but I had to maintain my journalistic integrity and impartiality. HA! I sound like Fox News talking about race issues. The LIES. But I for real had to bite my tongue like

If you don't know what I'm talking about then check the [review]. Anyways. I was offended. Onika's my bae. I will fight for her, with words, from behind my computer screen, because chhhh....Nicki don't know me, and Remy been to prision. I'm just saying. This is the most that I can do to take a stand for her being attacked just for being fabulous.

Sorry Onika. Our people don't do well with "standing your ground". LUCKILY, none of the strife is even necessary. I can quit my "internet banging". I heard it straight from the horse's mouth that her track was not referencing Le Empress. Remy did an interview with the Breakfast Club and she actually praised Empress Onika and hinted at a future collaboration. Now that I'm no longer "cyber beefing" with Remy I can foresee this collab being EVERYTHING. If Remy reverts back to her "Conceited (remix)" persona (an updated version, of course) and Onika continues just being, well, herself, then it'll be a smash. 

Here's the interview below (Skip to 31:20-36:18 -- the relevant part...Breakfast Club interviews be long as shit. Who has the time?!?):

Natasha Marie 

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