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@Tip Joins The Ranks Of Artists Rapping For A Cause #SALUTE

Home of the brave and free (well damn officer what did I do?) 
Free just to murder me (Naw hold up man don't shoot, I live over there) 
Land of the beautiful (Aye man what you doin'?)
Cursed by the hate we throw (You trippin' dawg)
Is this the new national anthem (How many times has that ever happened to you? What the fuck do you know about being a Black man in America?)

I read T.I.'s open letter on Instagram and granted I was confused for the bulk of it...but I got where he was coming from. Kind of. I didn't repost it or anything. Hell there was enough mass chaos going on with people thinking he was angry at dude with the chips and whatever else. At any rate, I listened to his new track "New National Anthem" and I'm FLOORED. T.I. truly hit the nail on the head with this one! He articulated his point and although mainstream radio may not play this track WE all should! Listen to the lyrics and understand what he's saying to us. He gave me all of Brother 2 Pac tease and that man was an educator if I ever met one. I tip my hat to you T.I.

Listen to the track below...share, RT, reblog, whatever.

Huge shout out to all of the artists making tracks in the wake of this #Ferguson debacle. It takes courage to go against the grain and make a song that you know can bring you widespread criticism. I respect TF outta you all!!!

Natasha Marie

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