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Album Review: @ArianaGrande - "My Everything" (Track By Track)

Everyone who is anyone knows that I adore Ariana Grande's diamond encrusted, emerald infused, golden pipes. I'm fairly certain the inside of her throat resembles a Faberge egg. Her debut album topped my fave albums of 2013 list [review] so OF COURSE (late or otherwise) I was going to review her sophomore release. "My Everything" gave me absolutely EVERYTHING. And no I'm not referring to the everlasting life provided to one by way of an unrelenting slayyyage that renders you sleepless and oxygen deprived. I literally mean everything. Every genre known to man and in existence is here on this album. Where "Yours Truly" was cohesive and teeny bop pop appeal [review], "My Everything" is the bipolar drunk and inappropriate friend: chaotic and adult. I'm not, by any means, saying that going against the genre grain constitutes failure, on the contrary, I think it broadens her audience. HOWEVER, if you're're looking for a blended album you can throw on repeat and just flow: this isn't it.

Check out this "track-by-track" review of "My Everything":

1. "Intro"

Ariana opened up this album showcasing those vocals I love so much and basically said "I promise you..." you about to catch this musical fade.

2. "Problem" (Feat. Iggy Azalea)

is one of a few times that I tolerate Iggy. And it could be that Queen Ari is slaying so hard that I don't even notice her 10 sec interruption. Head in the clouds/Got no weight on my shoulders/I should be wiser and realize that I got <--- She hits this shrill ass note that only dogs can hear but I support that shit. Wholeheartedly. SLEIGH. Want the feeling of being high off mollies but too smart to try drugs? Watch the "Problem" video:

3. "One Last Time"

The trek into the adult vocal stylings begins with this track. She wants to be taken seriously. In my book, Ariana succeeded. She isn't trying too hard to showcase her vocals or be the center of attention. This track is soft, subtle, beautiful, and yet carries a quiet power. I know/that you got everything/but I got nothing here without you. And she better FAWK THOSE ADLIBS UP!!!

4. "Why Try"

QUEEN YOU BETTER SING DAMMIT!!! I'm 100% on board if this is what adult sounds like. The instrumental and the airy breathlessness invoked with such power gave me KING BEY "Halo" tease. The audacity of Ariana to flawlessly execute this track like that. Got my edges thinning and everything Jesus...

5. "Break Free" (Feat. Zedd)

I can't even get mad at this journey into EDM. At least this track doesn't make me feel like I'm on drugs. Her voice is sooo beautiful here and I kinda sorta wanna do ZUMBA and not even in a bad way. I would kill this track as a warm up in my class! I'm not too sure what the video was about but at least she's pretty.

6. "Best Mistake" (Feat. Big Sean)

I wasn't entirely here for this track. She just wasn't giving me enough. And truthfully, she could've kept Big Sean, in her bedroom or wherever, just not on this track. I reviewed this when it was released. [review]

7. "Be My Baby" (Feat. Cashmere Cat)

MOTHA Mariah should definitely be flattered. This track is without a doubt an ode to 90s MC. I, personally, can never get enough of the sound of the 90s: when music was real, vocally and aesthetically pleasing, and bitches could actually SING. So GO Ariana! Good for you. I'm even more pleased that this album isn't a watered down version of a compilation of MOTHA's greatest hits and hidden treasures. You better solidify your identity boo! But why is this track so short?!? That gave me the sads.

8. "Break Your Heart Right Back" (Feat. Childish Gambino)

A play off of Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out"  interlaced with Childish Gambino giving me Mase "Mo Money, Mo Problems" tease I just got mad geeked! I most definitely felt my soul lift up from my body.

Like I had to play this track twice off principal. I LOVE IT!!! I was in my living room like

9. "Love Me Harder" (With The Weekend)

Let me start off by saying never have I ever been here for The Weekend. He sounds like he's crying, like legit in tears. Not in the atrocious way that Future does but it's still not my cup of tea. I like this song though. It sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack of some cheesy 80s teen movie. And the guitar riff in the chorus gave me John Mayer flashbacks.

10. "Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart"

Ariana demolishes ballads. This we all know. I needed a little more from her in the vocals department though. It was sort of bland. This sounded more along the lines of Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson even. Welp. Maybe their fans will buy your album then.

11. "Hands On Me" (Feat. ASAP Ferg)

This song will definitely have longevity in the club. It's a banger for sure! ASAP Ferg did the track due diligence. But wayyyyyyment did Ariana really say My shirt off/keep the heels high/might be a little thing but I like that long, yeah/Don't let these eyes fool ya/I can take it, hold nothing back, give it to me. ddscffgghhhuhjjogdggg see no why she play?!? That's how she keep pulling all these dudes. She might LOOK 12 but the bitch is 21.

12. "My Everything"

The title track is truly EVERYTHING. She murdered this song. The instrumental is so lowkey...the perfect platform for her to do as she wishes with her vocals. My only gripe is it could've been longer...just a bit.

13. "Bang Bang" (With Jessie J and Nicki Minaj)

This song, the video, the LIFE that was given then snatched away so abruptly. Read my [review] and watch the video:

14. "Only 1"

"Only 1"  is the perfect bonus track. Short, sweet, to the point and beautifully executed. Didn't necessarily deserve a place on the album but an absolute treat for those who have the deluxe edition.

15. "You Don't Know Me"

This is Ariana's version of a Kanye rant. She is sick and damn tired of all you people weighing in on her life. I'm DEAD AF. I love it. They don't know anything about the real you. SLEIGH QUEEN.

All in all I loved the album. More than her debut? I don't know. I do know that I need her to GO FOR IT with her next album. Take risks, push your vocals to the limit, and be messy if you want to. It did take me a while to truly love her first album. So I'll keep listening and you go purchase it because "My Everything" is available online and in stores NOW!

Natasha Marie

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