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Album Review: @ChrisBrown - "X" (Track By Track)

There's an age old adage wherein we discern whether or not we have the ability to separate an "artist" from his "art". Chris Brown has certainly fallen on that sword more times than we can count. There are those who are, so to speak, "rooting for the underdog". Likewise I'm sure many are relishing in the fact that many of his early releases failed to break the top 20 on any chart. However, despite this stigma I'm reviewing his album. All the "but Ray Rice..." nonsense can cease and desist. You don't have to read it and please don't tweet me no bullshit. Now that that is out of the way...Chris Brown has finally released his sixth studio album "X" and I can say that I am pleased with the final product. However I will also say this: there are far too many tracks on this bitch. 21 on the deluxe version like my nigga for why? I very nearly didn't review it due to his audacity to make me write about that many damn tracks. This gahtdamn album packed like a Mexican clown car. Clearly he has something to prove to me, you, himself, God. TBH I almost gave up on him even releasing this album with all his delays and run ins with the law. He is truly his own worst enemy. He refuses to be great. This nigga wanna be a convict sooo bad. As if the Rihanna fiasco wasn't enough to derail his career he just wants to keep playing Russian Roulette. Iono if it's because he's light skinned or because he's from Virginia or a compilation of both but I won't be surprised when he ends up like Mr. Garfield in 'One Eight Seven' (Figuratively so calm TF down). He's letting all his pent up homosexual energy cause an influx of testosterone resulting in this neanderthal ass behavior. Nobody has the time or patience for it. Well except maybe Karrueche but that's neither here nor there.

Check out this "track-by-track" review of "X":

1. X

I can make you a believer if I turn the nonsense down. Well look at God! Who knew that jail could make Chris see the light? I'm not even sure if at this point in time he could everrrrrrrrr make me a believer but here's to trying and here's to him giving his life to Christ. I think this was the perfect start to his album. Great title track. If you're only as good as the company you keep/Then I'ma blame you for what they say about me. Truer words were never spoken.

2. Add Me In

Bruh. He really just said Your body is an isosceles/And I just wanna try angles. Those kind of pick up lines are PRECISELY why the light skinned population will never prosper. What makes it worse is this entire track involves math and it's very clear to me that Chris has ne'er taken even a Special Ed math class. So per his request to "divide his lover’s legs and subtract her boyfriend to "add me in" I'm gonna go ahead and multiply that by 

3. Loyal (Feat. Lil Wayne and Tyga)

This track is my guilty pleasure. I know these lyrics ain't shit and Chris Brown and Lil Wayne ain't shit but I like it anyways. Sue me. Clearly you're saying "these hoes ain't loyal" but your fan base is comprised primarily of these quote, unquote "hoes" but what do I know? I mean let's throw logic out the window for a sec. When I'm out running and I'm like 3 miles in and ready to call it a wrap this is my power track. And that's all that matters. I don't have to walk for hours or hitchhike with some rapey ass Mexican to make it back to my apartment. The beat is banging, the video is sick, and although Lil Wayne's existence annoys me, I'm gonna continue to appreciate this track for a long ass time.

Just got rich/Took a broke nigga bitch/I can make a broke bitch rich/But ion fuck with broke bitches. LMFAO. The ratch in me LIIIIVES. Let me be great!

4. New Flame (Feat. Usher and Rick Ross)

This single came out EONS AGO but of course Nephew Thugnificent spent too much time doing time to make any impact with his singles. I plum forgot about this track. Besides when it first came out the radio obliterated any love that I had for this song. The thing about Tampa radio is they will stomp each and every song into the ground. Unless you're a flop, in which case they don't give you any spins at all. But that's none of my business though...at least Chris and Usher aren't women bashing like that butt ass hurt "Loyal" track.

5. Songs On 12 Play (Feat. Trey Songz)

I like the track. I really do. I just feel like Chris and Trey paying homage to R. Kelly exudes far too much homosexuality for me to deal with at this current moment. They're singing about who reminds them of sex songs and I'm over here thinking they're talking about each other. 
Mmm hmm. I bet he is.

6. 101 (Interlude)

This is unnecessary. He's stuck in traffic. Chhh...it's LA. There's ALWAYS traffic. Although a full version could've replaced "Drown In It".

7. Drown In It (Feat. R. Kelly

So not only do we do an ode to the Perv King but we do features with him too? Way to change your image. This crass ass musical about swimming in what kind of waters only God knows. How do you justify making a track with a misogynist who has a worse track record involving women, or GIRLS I should say, than yourself? The only waters you're currently drowning in is that of public scrutiny.

8. Came To Do (Feat. Akon)

The repetitive "came to do" killed me. This is definitely somewhere near the bottom for me. It's not terrible though. It's giving me "Loyal" tease sans hurt. I accept it. Nothing to write home about.

9. Stereotype

Riddle me this: how hurt do you have to be to have so many "He-Man Woman Hater" tracks? Like dawg...what does Rihanna possess in her pooswah?!? There's no way you talking about anybody else. You can speak in plural all day long but we all know the truth. Another question that plagues me dearly: why is it okay for you to call ANYONE a stereotype? I really don't wanna label you a stereotype...like sir...

10. Time For Love

The lyrics are simple. The beat is nice. And you can just vibe to it. Let me get in your comfort zone/Girl we can move together. Quite frankly there is nothing comforting to me about you being in my comfort zone. But that's just me. That's most definitely too close for comfort. I wouldn't want you to have any flashbacks and nvm...

11. Lady In A Glass Dress (Interlude)

Those falsettos are A1! Chris is offering to heal the hurt but I'm not sure that hurt people can help other hurt people. It's just a jumble of low self esteem and skewed views on life but perhaps he knows something that I don't. Alas, he said he can make your dreams come true. I mean he got Karrueche a verified check on twitter and various appearances because Lord knows otherwise we'd be like

12. Autumn Leaves (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

And the saga of hurt continues but Kendrick hops his ass on the track more mad than hurt. I'm always here for a verse from Kendrick though. He may look like a hobo but he rap like he gaht muh-nayyy. And they won’t let me live/Even when it’s remorse that I give/When are they gon' rejoice and forgive/Tell me how [do] I stay positive? I felt every word. But Chris over there crooning sullenly to a soft guitar. LMFAO. It seems that all the autumn leaves are falling/I feel like you're the only reason for it. I know Rih Rih over there like 

13. Do Better (Feat. Brandy)

Brandy can do no wrong. Her raspy ass singing voice gives me EV-VERY-THING, you hear me?!? I was really upset when I heard that Chris was going to release the version that didn't have her on it. I know her publicity sometimes resembles a car crash but she can sing though and that's all that matters. It's about the art not about sales.
14. See You Around

At this point I'm just gonna think he's talking about somebody else. There's no way that he is so blatantly pining after Rihanna when he has Karrueche dumbly answering to his every beck and call. This track is definitelty a different sound for him, very folksy. This is a welcomed change. I do know one thing he need to stop singing through the hurt. Talmbout "I should have loved you way more." No my nigga. Love shouldn't hurt. 

15. Don’t Be Gone Too Long (Feat. Ariana Grande)

This track didn't really give me much and that was surprising. Both Ariana and Chris are vocal beasts and I expected so much more. Queen Ariana always sleighs my soul so I definitely got the sads. He's giving me "Jhene Aiko spoken word" tease and Ariana is barely there. The adlibs were amazing though. The video they dropped yesterday though...not really sure why, what with the current race relations, we thought it was okay to have a black man thrown in jail for fraternizing with a white chick. Like bish wheeetttt?! Who came up with the concept of this video? The Ferguson Police Department??? Not that Chris Brown knows anything about being appropriate but still...TBH I'm more concerned with Ari's well being. We all know she tends to get with anybody who she features with on a track like she for real be like 

and Chris isn't like them other dudes. Girl...you better stay your hot ass far, far away from him.

16. Body Shots

I'm not sure why they put this song right here. It just seems out of place. I guess after all the sad songs he said FU*K IT! LET'S TURN UP! So now we're in Vegas doing body shots to EDM music. Cool.

17. Drunk Texting (Feat. Jhene Aiko)

I won't lie. This song is actually cute. Chris definitely decreased the quality of his vocals to match the subpar performance of Jhene yet he still overpowers her which is a shame. And whyyyy would you choose the Whisper Queen to duet with? I try so hard to hear her when she's singing but I just can't. She just be talking and talking and I be like BITCH SPEAK UP! I CAN'T TF HEAR YOU!!! Like WTF Jhene?!? This bitch over there in la la land for hippies smoking rainbows and call herself making music. I'm sick of her shit man.

18. Lost In Ya Love

Vocally he sleighs this song. He was lacking a lot of that on this album. Which is the only reason I'm going to accept this addition to this LONG ASS ALBUM. Bonus tracks have to be NECESSARY.
19. Love More (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

This track may not have done well on the charts but I really love this song! And no it's not because I'm fake gay for Onika...although if professing my love for bae makes a difference then I LOVE YOU ONIKA!!!

Aw! She loves me back! (Don't judge me...)
20. Don’t Think They Know (Feat. Aaliyah)

One of my favorite tracks for sure. I was always an Aaliyah fan. Her voice was beautiful and "One In A Million" was one of my first musical purchases independent of my parents. So, of course, I like the track because Aaliyah vibes like no other. That being said...it truly boggles my mind that people keep making music with dead artists. Like who are you asking for approval for this shit? Not my good friend Jesus that's for sure. How do we know that Aaliyah would've wanted to make a track with your ass had she been alive. Who knows? Maybe she would've been a feminist and boycotted your woman beating ass. MAYBE. Why can't you just let these people rest in gahtdamn peace?!?

21. Fine China

I like to call this Breezy's "Suit and Tie". He's definitely channeling his inner Justin Timberlake in this song. Although he said that he was channeling Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder. Whatever. Same shit. It was a different sound for him and I'm not about to go on and on about this old ass song. I don't know who he was channeling in that damn video though.

Though this album lacks a personal touch, it's easy on the ears if you disregard most of the lyrics. An all around good album, yet unnecessarily long AF. I can't recommend that you purchase it because I'm not involving myself in the politics surrounding supporting him. Do what you want. If you like good music and want to support the "artist" for his "art" and not concern yourself with his personal life then go get it. If you don't, well then that's his problem, not mine.

Natasha Marie

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