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Album Review: @IAMJHUD - "JHud" (Track By Track)

Jennifer Hudson has been on my radar since her 'Dreamgirls'  days. She gave me all of life with her portrayal of Effie White and that soundtrack is a staple in my car even now. Those songs got me through many a road trip.

I have been here for her career ever since and her first album didn't disappoint in the least. I loved every single track. Her second album kind of flew over my head though...but here we are. JHud has released her anticipated third solo album and it's a different sound for her. We're so used to the powerful, ballad filled, JHud releases yet this is more of a dance album. But not just any dance album. This album is giving me "Saturday Night Fever" type old school tease. This is for sure a blast from the past. She's dabbled in disco before but she's all in this go round. As far as public opinion? Not really sure how much the teeny boppers of this generation will appreciate it.  

Check out this "track-by-track" review of "JHud":

1. "Dangerous"

This track sets the direction for the album. Low key singing along to a variety of instruments. Old school, disco feel. I like it.

2. "It's Your World" (Feat. R. Kelly)

This track is a lot smoother than the first track. Her vocals are still on point and the background vocals are dipped in gold. SLEIGH. I'm not sure why R. Kelly refuses to go away though. He made ZERO impact on this song. This is a time where you drop a part 2 and remove the featured singer. You have my full support in this. R. Kelly, sir, as far as listening to ANY MORE tracks with you on them?

3. "He Ain't Going Nowhere" (Feat. Iggy Azalea)

Iggy doesn't fit on this track at all. GWORL. Why did you choose her? I get trying to broaden your audience and expanding your horizons by whyTF did you go down under to Australia? Like no. Return to sender.

Work harder.

4. "Walk It Out"

Wait. LMFAO. Did JHud just curse? I don't think I've ever heard that. I actually love this song. She's giving us just enough. She does tend to overpower songs. This track is PERF. Kind of reminds me of "Pocketbook" in terms of quality. The cursing though. You better show your hood roots.

5. "I Can't Describe (The Way I Feel)" (Feat. T.I.)

This song just viiiiiiibes. I feel like this is what Jhene Aiko attempts to accomplish but she lacks the vocal prowess to make an impact. T.I.'s chill ass rap style compliments this track completely. Finally! A feature I support.

6. "I Still Love You"

The way JHud is singing on this track I'm not sure if she really loves them or hates them. The passion is real. I'm a little scared though. Don't mess with her. She got me feeling like you better love her ass back...or else.

7. "Just That Type Of Girl"

Solid track produced by Pharrell. We're still in dance fever mode but I'm still vibing. JHud is killing the adlibs. I'm looking at you boy/I'm thinking about the things we can do and explore. Well, okay then. It's all about what she wants.

9. "Bring Back The Music"

The first ballad! I've been waiting for this track. I missed my Jennifer. I'm not sure why she strayed so far from what her fans love to appease the masses. She beautifully croons Somewhere along the line we lost sight/ And it made the music go away and the way she utilizes her falsetto on this chorus??? I fell TF out. Won't you say that we're bringing back/Gotta bring back/Bring back the music...Mission ACCOMPLISHED.

10. "Say It"

Michael Jackson and afro funk all in one track?!? I am in HEAVEN! JHud implores "Do you want me? Do you need me?" I don't know about you but I want AND need more of this on the album! I promise the "The Way You Make Me Feel" tease had me like

11. "Moan"

TAKE ME TO THE KING JHUD!!! If this ballad isn't beautiful? LORDT. She better dammit sing! I'm every bit of slain in the blood right now. Long tracks usually piss me off but I wanted all 7 minutes of this, mmkay? EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. She was giving me Effie White. You better channel heavyset Jennifer!!!

This album was solid. It wasn't typical JHud so I'm slightly disappointed. I know people like to complain that she tends to scream a lot but I need some screaming in my life. Outside of the final track she didn't give me the vocals I've come to expect and love. You happy people? She's toned it down. But I'll take loud ass JHud over this tame one any day.

Purchase "JHud"  online and in stores NOW!

Natasha Marie

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