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ATTENTION: @OfficialAdele is BACK!!! All Peasants Exit Stage Left...

AXDXRVGGBUJKOIGDDGHJKJGV ADELE OMFG!!! Y'all Adele has come TF back to Pride Rock to take her rightful place as King. I am DYING! She done brought those sultry ass robust pipes back to dethrone the musucal kingdom. With unreleased music no less! And this bitch just crept in, unannounced, and dropped this silent bomb and blew up my world. I'm deceased, in Heaven, perched upon Samael's throne.

Listen to "You'll Never See Me Again" and "Never Gonna Leave You". Come brethren. Join me in edgelessness in the afterlife:

Adele is always sooo hurt but it makes for good ass music so AMEN!

Natasha Marie

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