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Event Recap: Budweiser Made In America Festival 2014 in Los Angeles (Day 1) (Photos + Videos)

This year served as the inaugural year for the Budweiser "Made In America" Festival Los Angeles. The turn out was amazing, the two day line up was eclectic, and overall the atmosphere was dizzying due to excitement. Thousands gathered in Downtown LA to take in what would likely become one of the city's staples. There were three stages in use: Marilyn (the main stage), Dylan, and James Dean (the DJ stage).

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hit Boy hit the stage first and gave an impressive performance.  He had energy, kept the crowd engaged, and even brought out Rich Boy to perform "No Talking" with him. I can't say for sure that everyone knew who he was but those who did were super hype, and the others kept watching.

Major highlights of the day/night included A Tribe Called Red, YG, Iggy Azalea, and Kendrick Lamar/TDE.

A Tribe Called Red definitely put on a show. I'd never seen them in action before but their set was live! They use an eclectic fusion of instrumental hip hop, reggae, moombahton, and dubstep-influenced dance music to create a rave type musical atmosphere. The crowd danced the entire time. They even had a hula hoop dancer who jumped off stage and led everyone in a large circle dance.
YG hit the stage in the dead of the afternoon with a crowd that had nearly tripled in size. Everyone was singing along as he performed hits such as "Don't Tell Em" with special guest Jeremih"RIP" , and he even threw in a special ode to Snoop. He also had DJ Mustard on the beat, who played a special medley of his hits.

Iggy Azalea had a crowd waiting long before she came out. I was honestly looking forward to her performance and she didn't disappoint. Her backup dancers and singers were amazing and she kept her audience pretty captivated...especially because she kept "twerking". Rita Ora had a cameo during "Black Widow" and the screams and applause was deafening.

Kendrick Lamar, being the loyal lad that he is, allowed fellow TDE members to open his set. Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q performed their popular singles to a thirsty audience who, apparently, couldn't get enough. When Kendrick finally hit the stage his energy was off the charts and the crowd fed off of him. He showed mad love to his hometown and LA welcomed them all with open arms. They honestly should've closed the show because there was no topping them.

A perfect ending to my night and ready to do it all over again for day two!

Natasha Marie

***Photos taken by Abre' Conner (@MsAConner) on behalf of @iSocialite
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