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Happy Birthday Beyoncé: Our Top Five Favorite Moments Of The Year

Today is the day Beyoncé was born, which is arguably the most important day of our lives. When you wake up to a beautiful sunrise and hear birds chirping, Beyoncé did that. I am forever greatful for Miss Tina, and even that sorry Matthew Knowles for an incredible gift. With that being said, let's take a look at the best moments Beyoncé gave us following her last birthday.

1. BEYONCE: The Visual Album
Like the fairy of all things holy she is, Beyoncé magically dropped a WHOLE #$#&@%#* ALBUM in the middle of the night. WITH 17 VIDEOS. How did she record an album, raise the princess Blue Ivy, record music videos, and perform on a world tour all at the same time? What? No one else does that. And no one ever could. Nor should try. No one had the slightest idea how their life would change overnight. #BeyonceBeLike
My reaction:
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2. Mrs. Carter Show World Tour/On The Run Tour
So for pretty much a whole year, Beyoncé was on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. 132 tour dates all around the world, with majority of them being sold out. A lot of these artists have trouble filling up the House of Blues, but oh well. After that, she dropped an album, and went on tour AGAIN. This time with Hubby, Jay-Z. Do you think people went to that show to see Jay-Z? Sorry, but no. Beyoncé was the only reason that tour was successful. And she JUST got off tour. Let that marinate. She can go on tour consecutively performing the same songs and still slay. GotDamnGotDamnGotDamn.
3. BeyMA's Performance
Okay. So, Beyoncé performed at this year's MTV VMA's. Like at this point, no one cares that it was the VMA's. It was just Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. I don't know who won awards, or care. And i'm pretty sure no one else remembers either. It was all about Beyoncé, who unstitched all of our tracks and perfectedly snatched our edges from under our scalps in a 16 minute performance. For 16 minutes, my heart stopped and I wasn't breathing, just watching in awe. Beyoncé performed a whole album. Flawlessly. And when Blue Ivy was singing the songs and said "Good job, Mommy!" She's what, 3 years old? This is how all kids need to be raised. To praise all things Beyoncé.
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4. Elevator Fight
So we all heard about the infamous elevator fight where Solange was kicking and beating up Jay-Z in the elevator. We can speculate all day, but one thing that needs to be addressed is how Mother Beyoncé handled the situation. Like a fairy of all things holy, Beyoncé lifted no fist or interfered like a true angel of peace and prosperity. Should she have gotten in the middle and ruined her God-like image and custom fit gown? I. Think. Not. She lets no one take her out of character. Just watch, an image of perfection in the midst of chaos.

5. BET Award Performance
LOL LOL LOL. Who else can send a pre-recorded performance to close an award show? For the second time. Only Beyoncé can throw shade and light at the same time. She said no, BET i'm not gonna make time for your little show... but here's a video tape. Knock yourself out. You thought you were gonna get a live performance? Not. so. fast.
Happy Birthday Beyoncé! 

She did all of this over the course of one year. In a nutshell....

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