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New Music: @jsullivanmusic - "Forever Don't Last"

I, very recently, was in attendance at the "Urban Music Fest" where this here Jazmine Sullivan was supposed to perform. Lo and behold she FLAKED and I had to endure Anthony Hamilton on stage tap dancing like my drunk uncle at the family reunion. But I'm not holding a grudge. Honest. Just because she felt her time was better spent elsewhere and not entertaining the masses that gathered to see her I'm still going to use my liddle ol' platform to give her the publicity she clearly doesn't deserve. But I digress...

The Flake released the second single from her upcoming album entitled "Forever Don't Last". I'm no English teacher but I'm fairly certain that is incorrect. But what do I know? I'm just the tortured soul who sat through Elder Hamilton's revival. Besides after QUEEN ADELE released music yesterday [review] I requested all peasants to exit stage left so WHO LEFT THE DOOR OPEN?!? All I know is everybody needs to

Listen to the track below. It actually sounds really good. Ignore me. I'm just bitter. LMFAO. Once I'm over what happened I'll be all the way here for her.

Oh. And she doesn't even say "don't" in the track. So who knows why she outchea aspiring to be Fantasia. FIX IT JESUS.

Natasha Marie

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