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Resurrected Music: @NICKIMINAJ - No Flex Zone (Remix)

I don't usually do this BUT it's Sunday so I'm going to ressurrect some music as The Lord and I see fit. I've been asked my opinion on "No Flex Zone (remix)"  on several different occasions and because I didn't review it people are assuming that I either a) didn't like it, or b) didn't think it worthy a review. That being said: ONIKA PUT HER GAHTDAMN FOOT IN THIS TRACK. DAWWWWWG. I can put this track on repeat and vibe for hours. No pun intended but it's ***FLAWLESS. I feel sorry for Rae Sremmurd (yes I had to google that shit) because Onika obliterated their very existence with no effort whatsoever. Their original version has been given the official seal of ineptitude by Natasha's Nook. They are henceforth and forevermore deemed irrelevant.

It really is. And this isn't me "fake stanning" for the doll. The bars in this freestyle alone speak to her growth as an artist. She's flexing TF out of her lyrical muscles and I'm here for every bit of it.

Running this game for 5 years/Guess that's why my feet hurt/Wonder when they bite me/Do these bitches' teeth hurt??/Yes I am an icon, that's me on your t-shirt/...THOUGHT YOU KNEEEEEWWW BET-TER/Do your fucking research

She got bars on bars on bars! Listen to the track below and bask in the undeniable ambiance that is our SLAYvior, the Supreme Rap Ruler of all the Light Touches:

Natasha Marie

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