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Unwanted Music: @JessieJ Feat. @ArianaGrande - "Bang Bang"

I have absolutely ZERO respect for this bullshit release. Let me tell you why. Jessie J and Ariana just used thee entire fuck out of Onika. They rode her coattails to ensure this single was a success then dropped this tacky ass rapless version with not even a true bridge, just them screaming back and forth over the looped chorus. Who exactly are we appeasing with this change? "Bang Bang"  was without a doubt a track with crossover appeal that went platinum in no time and remains at the top of the charts. Which brings me back full circle. Stay with me.

Jessie J is no Adele. She may have some platinum singles under her belt but she has yet to make an impact on U.S. charts. And we all know Ariana can't chart to save her life. She can't sell any singles that don't feature another artist and those barely sell. Take for instance that VMA's performance. Onika stole the show, wardrobe malfunction and all, while Jessie J served us uncomfortable dancing and Ariana served naked toddler playing dress up. I need to know who we're marketing this new trash ass version to? To be completely honest, Onika MAKES the song. If they were so pressed for a rapless version, the SMART move would've been to extend Onika an invitation for the remix. But then again their version as the original wouldn't have touched a chart. Every sane person is looking like

Listen below, around 1:50, if you have time to waste:

Natasha Marie

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