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Top 5 Hip-Hop Albums After Break Ups

The creation of music is often fueled by raw emotion that pushes artist to creatively tell a story of life's experiences. What better way to get your emotions going then a messy break-up in the public eye? Here's a list of artist who used there break-ups to create some of there best work.

1. Kanye West & Amber Rose
At # 1 we have Mr.West himself. Kanye found a Stripper, shaved her head and turned her into a fashion  icon. At one point it seemed West and Rose were inseparable. Where ever you seen Yeezy you seen Amber and there was never a dull moment between the two as they posed on various Red Carpets and runways touching, kissing and licking each other with a lust and compassion like no other. Suddenly that love ended and the famed lovers went there separate ways sending Kanye into what some call an depression and others his greatest creative hibernation ever. Following the break up Kanye released "My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy," which debuted at #1 and sold 496,000 in its first week.

2. Drake & Rihanna
Drake and Rihanna's relationship was a beautiful one to say the least. The two came together and created great songs like "Take Care" and seemed to be the perfect musical duo. They were caught out a few times, but the details of there relationship remained quiet until the whole club fight and diss records between Chris Brown and Drake. From there it seemed as though the relationship was down hill. There were rumors of Rihanna saying Drake was too in love with her, which did sit well with the six man. Rihanna's diss and the Drizzy and Breezy beef just left Rihanna man-less and the two beefing women-less, but despite it all Drake chose to use his break-up as fuel to create. Post break up Drizzy release "Nothing Was The Same" which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 selling 658,000 copies in its first week of release.

NayaRiveraandBigSeanarenowengaged3. Big Sean & Naya Rivera
Good Music's Big Sean and Glee's Naya Rivera were the poster child's' for young power couples. Both Sean and Rivera spoke openly about there love for each other and showed up to every event together with Kool-Aid smiles. Sean even dedicated much of his 'Finally Famous" album to Naya, but after six months of engagement rumors of infidelity on both sides surfaced along with Naya's claim that Sean Don stole her Rolex watch. Things began to get very messy between the two  when Rivera got married, allegedly on the same date and in the same dress as she had planned to with Sean, to Glee co-star Ryan Dorsey. That pain lead to the creation of Sean's hit single "IDFWU," which was followed by his album "Dark Sky Paradise"  that debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, with  first-week sales of 139,000 copies in the United States, Big Sean's biggest sales week yet.

4.Game & Tiffany Cambridge
The Game might seem like a west coast bad boy who really doesn't care about much, but money and fast girls. Ironically he's the opposite, yes he may be wild but he's a one women man and a big family man. Game was engaged to the mother of his two children for two and a half years before calling it off. From there Game and Tiffany have been on and off turning Game's life into a emotional roller coaster. Game chose use the highs and lows of the bumpy road he calls his relationship to create the fan favorite "Jesus Piece." The album debuted at number six on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 86,000 copies.

5. Future & Ciara
Future and Ciara might be the shortest relationship on the list, but during there time together they've accomplished a lot. As soon as Future and Ciara's relationship went public they were the industries newest and hottest couple. There love lead to hit singles from the two, Future saw great success from "Trophy" and Ciara from "Body Party." Next thing you know the two were engaged and Ciara was pregnant. It looked like Future was going for the family life and staying true to monogamy, but Future's rappers lifestyle proved monogamy wasn't the plan when rumors surfaced that Future cheated with singer Tinashe and his personal stylist. Ciara called off the engagement and the rest was history. Future went on a mixtape spree where he released three consecutive successful tapes and Ciara released her hit single "I Bet" spiraling both there careers upward. 

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