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iSocialite Media Presents: #PassTheAux [Vol. 1]

Time to get back to our roots. 

#PassTheAux is our way of introducing our loyal readers and followers to the artists whom we believe are up next. Each week, we will be sharing standout songs from new faces and a sprinkle of fresh tracks from popular artists. Read below to find out more about the artists featured this week. Follow iSocialite on Soundcloud to stay updated! We're dropping a fresh playlist every week.

PASSTHEAUX (VOL. 1): This weeks playlist features new tracks from Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa, and Ty Dolla $ign, as well as some music from a bunch of new faces.

  • Mike Burns - War 4 U: Philly native Mike Burns took me by surprise. I usually don't respond to Twitter spam (sorry), but I was bored and decided to take a listen. He delivers vocally and the production on the track is equally well done. Looking forward to hearing more from him.
  • dvsn - With Me:  dvsn has been floating around the interwebs for some time now. If you haven't heard any of their tracks by now, here you go. Honestly, their identity is currently a mystery. They're still dope regardless. Get familiar!
  • Indica - I Want U: I really like the direction R&B is going. Indica has a shot to be one of the frontrunners of this new sound. I don't have much info on him (hit us up, and tell us about yourself!), but check out his soundcloud for more tracks. It's worth the listen.
  •  Shake- Sunday Night (feat. Phi): Jersey-native Shake is definitely making waves on the scene. She's up next. That's all I have to say. Phi definitely adds to the song, the two seem to mesh really well together.
  •  TRIPSIXX - Savage Shit: Toronto seems to be the place to be in music right now. OVOUTU artist TRIPSIXX let's know how trill they can be in TO. As soon as I heard this song, I knew I had to have it on the list. If you like the song, check out the video here!
  • Rory Fresco - Lowkey: apparently this track autoplays after Kanye's "Real Friends" thanks to Soundcloud's related tracks feature. I don't remember how I heard it, but I know it's dope.  Word on the street is Fresco is an 18-year old rapper out of Kansas City. He got one.
  • Jazz Cartier - Opera: What I really loved about this track is how the production matches the tone and theme on the track. It's just overall a really well-done song. Jazz has a couple dope tracks on his soundcloud too. Another Canada native... i'm considering moving there, lol.
  • water.lo - Wasted: he's lit, lol. The 17-year old artist from Milwaukee has some room to grow, but he's definitely on the right path.
  • 31Grammy - #Mood: I've definitely felt like this plenty of days. production and use of the sample (Jai Paul's BTSTU...Dreams Money Can Buy, etc.) are spot on.
  • Hudson East - Change: I clicked this song because one of my good friends, Syk Sense, produced on it. So I figured it had to be pretty dope... he did produce Know Yourself. While it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I'm happy I came across the London-native. He has his own sound and I was able to sit through majority of his collection, vibin'.
Until next week, 
- @jaszwhaley
ceo, isocialite media 

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