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Concert Review: Pusha T at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.

The place is packed with all types of people! There was a good mix of skin tones and fashion styles all here to see the new president of G.O.O.D. Music. The label has been building a lot of hype in 2016 with Kanye West's latest album being received well, Desiigner's "Panda" record lighting up the club scene, and Big Sean announcing he already has one project completed and ready to go. Now with Pusha T on tour this show felt special. It felt like anything and everything could happen. As the show progressed everything did happen, but not in the most positive way.

At a good concert most people aren't complimenting who was in charge of the lights on the car ride home. A production team hardly ever gets noticed unless something goes wrong, and things went wrong for Pusha T at the 9:30 club. At the very start of the show his microphone was too low, thus the instrumentals of his music was drowning out his voice. Even after a on stage mic switch, and later a side stage private conversation with staff, the levels still weren't on par. On top of that, the fog machine was layering a heavy smog on stage that often cloaked Pusha T from the audience instead providing a unique background. Lastly, on some songs the lighting was set to synchronize with the bass constantly flashing a glaring white light towards the crowd. This was a good idea that was poorly executed due to the blinding effect it had on attendees. It was just a complete failure overall by the production staff, and something Pusha T worked hard to overcome.

The president did try to give the best show possible though. Reaching back into his music catalog gained the most praise with songs like "Millions", "Numbers on the Board", and "New God Flow". He even did his verses for "Runaway", "Move That Dope", and "Grindin". Shockingly, most of the records he performed from his newest album, Darkest Before Dawn, lowered the energy in the audience. This type of lull in crowd participation provided the entire show with a see-saw feeling. Pusha T is still a showman, and gave his all throughout the set earning him an encore chant and performance at the end of the night. Though production halted the concert from greatness, Pusha T's dedication to the music and his fans saved the day.

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